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          1. Sugarcane Loader The engine used in this agricultural machinery is a powerful Cummins diesel engine, and features an excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, large power reserves, a long stroke and international warranty service.
          1. Wheel Logger The tri-wheel logger has an excellent climbing ability to suit different work site operation needs. Heaping is easily carried out while the wheel logger is moving, and the front grab can meet side loading needs. This significantly improves the working efficiency.
          1. Wheel Loader The construction wheel loader’s engine is a brand name, 4 cylinder engine that wastes less gas, features a low fuel consumption and is powerful. The construction wheel loader has a back shield, a central lubricant system, and is easy to maintain.
          1. Telescopic Loader The rated loading weight of the wheeled loader is 1,000kg. This telescopic loader features a Perkins 404D-22 engine, 220V engine pre-heater, adjustable steering, a new cabin heater, LED lights, a comfortable and luxurious seat, electronic control driving, a hydraulic joystick, a quick hitch, standard bucket.
          1. Backhoe Loader The backhoe loader is primarily used in urban and rural highway construction and maintenance, cable laying, power and airport engineering, municipal construction, water conservancy, rural residential construction and other construction projects.
          1. Loader Attachments These wheel loader accessories match wheel loader models ZL10-ZL50.
            Pic of pallet fork here (pallet fork)
            Pic of dirt bucket here (dirt bucket)
            pic of earth auger here (earth augur)

        When it comes to quality miniature wheel loaders, medium sized wheel loaders, telescopic loaders, backhoe loaders, off-road forklifts, sugarcane loaders and site dumpers, come to Qingzhou Hongyuan for all your product needs. Founded in 2005 and located in Qingzhou City, we are friendly, reliable and have access to significant logistical advantages to keep customer costs low. With an annual sales volume of up to 10 million USD, customers from the United States, Japan, Indonesia, and other countries, and our extensive product line, we have earned every bit of our outstanding reputation as a trusted agricultural and construction machinery supplier. CE and TUV certified, our machines are reliable, efficient and run quickly, keeping your project on schedule. Come see us today, and we will help you find the right wheel loader for your project, at the lowest possible cost.

        Qingzhou Hongyuan Vehicles Co., Ltd.

        What's app/Wechat ID/Tel.: +86-15964325950
        Fax: +86-536-3257949
        E-mail: davidchinaexporter@126.com
        Skype: augus.ben
        Contact Person: David
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